~Scheduling a Lesson, Fees & Cancellations~

Length of a lesson:

I offer both 30 minute lessons and hour lessons. Hour lessons range from 45 minutes to an hour in length, depending on how much time we feel we need that day. When discussing and choosing times with me, please also allow yourself an additional 5 minutes before and after the scheduled time of the lesson.

Fees for Individual Lessons:

Lessons for those who are well established in their fields of work:

$75 /hr, $40/half hr

Lessons for students & those who are not well established in their fields of work:

$50/hr, $25/half hr

*Lessons do not have to occur weekly and payment plans can be configured, based on the individual’s needs.

Fees for Group Lessons or Workshops:

Please contact me about your establishment, what is affordable and the size of the group. I will determine the price from there. My prices will range on a sliding scale between $125-$250 /hr, depending on the these factors.

Gift Cards:

Lessons can be given in the form of a gift. Prices are the same as those listed above.

Gift cards are nonrefundable by either the buyer or the recipient.

Cancellation Policy:

If you decide that you are no longer able to make you lesson time, I need to know no later than 48 hours. This allows me the time to contact and offer up your slot to another person, who has been waiting for one because I could not previously fit them in.

If you cancel later that 48 hours, then you are still obligated to pay for the lesson.

You can reach me by my email to schedule your lesson or if you have any further questions.