AT Workshops and Classes


The following classes can be also offered as a workshop series:


  1. Introduction to the Alexander Technique: Class in which I provide basic information about the technique and offer simple group activity work to give the community a taste of what the work entails. This is followed by a master class demonstration and group discussion with someone who has been pre-selected to do an activity, such as singing. 60 min or 90 min with an extended Q&A
  1. Understanding Habitual Patterns: Class in which we discover simple ways to observe our habits, like the ones we have during singing, without judgement and how that opens us up to the possibility of change. I offer tools that the participants can utilize on a daily basis and end the class with some lie down work. 60 min or 90 min with an extended Q&A
  1. AT Master Class: Class in which I work one-on-one, with preselected individuals who wish to do an activity, such as singing. We come together as a group, between each participant, to discuss what was experienced and observed, in a safe supportive way. 60 min or 90 min with an extended Q&A


  1. Connecting the Mind & Body: Class in which I introduce the group to a bit of hands-on work and some simple activities to help participants discover their coordination between the mind and body. For the second half of the class I offer one-on-one work to a couple of volunteers, followed by a group discussion about what was experienced by the participants and observed by the rest of the class. 90 min or 120 min with an extended Q&A
  1. Deepening Our Awareness: Class in which I offer hands-on work to each member of the group who wishes to experience it. We begin with simple activities with the entire group, followed by solo demonstrations, a discussion of our experiences/observations and ending with some lie down work. 90 min or 120 min with an extended Q&A

Previous Workshops and Classes

  • The Empowered Musician
  • University of Illinois
  • Boston Singers Resource
  • Tom Todoroff Studio
  • Boston Conservatory (Dancers and Musicians)
  • College Light Opera
  • Red River Lyric Opera
  • Bay View Music Festival

*Workshops/ have been offered both in person and virtually via Zoom.

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