What can I get out of a lesson?


Katie offers an interactive experience that is specific to each of her student’s needs. She is very conscious to work with them where they are at. This might change from lesson to lesson and that is okay! There is no such thing as perfection. That knowledge is freeing in a world where people are constantly in competition with not only those around them, but also themselves.

Katie’s goal is to help each of her students to become independent in their craft between the times that she see’s them. She offers them tools, to include warm ups to help support their sound in a healthy and comfortable way. If it doesn’t feel great, try something else! The more we practice something one way, the more that habit becomes permanent. Katie teaches her students to come into each lesson with exploration as their focus, verses the mindset that there is a problem that has to be fixed.

Depending on a student’s level of understanding music, she offers lessons that are also geared towards learning how to read, listen and ultimately understand music. Katie dives into music theory and even basic piano with her students to increase their understanding through tactile learning.

Katie understands that her students have goals and fears going into a lesson. She addresses them at the beginning and throughout the time she is with the student, with the hope that each student feels confident in what they have accomplished and are able to discover some sense of joy by the end of the lesson.


A vocal coaching is offered to students who preparing for an audition or are working through music in a performance that they are already participating in. During these times, students come in prepared with their music and warmed up prior to the start of their lesson.

We spend the entire lesson on musical repertoire, improving upon their understanding of the text and how it relates to the music on the page. What is music other than spoken word brought up higher to move fully express what we feel. We also dive into the shaping of individual sounds and shapes in the music, so that the student can find the most effect way to express themselves, without putting stress on their instrument.

Katie teaches the students the ins and outs for audition preparation and application. It is important that students learn to do this first hand to increase their independence in this field. Katie discusses musical repertoire with her students, giving them a say in what they sing. The goal is to not only to teach them how to search for music that is good for their voice and age, but also to discover pieces that make them stand out and shine amongst the masses.

*Students who have worked with Katie have successfully landed leading roles in musicals, attended Senior Districts, applied for colleges, where they are pursuing music theatre or vocal performance degrees and become more independent singers in any performance situation that they choose to participate in.

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