What You Can Get Out of a Lesson


What if we were able to trust, finding a balance within ourselves? Trust who we are?

The Alexander Technique allows for us to experience the possibility of a sense of freedom and space. With this work we have the ability to discover ourselves in each moment. And somehow throughout all of this we have choice and the option of acceptance.

The power of choice stems from what is known as Inhibition. We have a lot of patterns that weave in and out of us throughout our lives. Many of these patterns live on a subconscious level, so we are not always aware of their existence. These patterns are there for reason or another, mostly stemming from a need at one time or another.

What the Alexander Technique allows is for us to bring the subconscious to the conscious level and gain the ability to distinguish those of which we need from those that are simply habits, a sense of comfort, something that inhibits us. From there, we have the choice to keep walking the same path or discover another.