“No more upper back pain which I have experienced for a long time. Breathing better and feeling calmer.”- Anonymous

“Katie Beckvold’s classes have been nothing short of transformative for me. Having an amazing class with such a thoughtful and compassionate teacher is the best way to start my Friday’s. Katie has unlocked issues in my singing, but also helped me recommit to my own personal growth.” – Angie Grau

 “Katie is really good at making you feel comfortable in the present moment and with whatever you are experiencing at that time.”- Anonymous

“I began taking online Alexander classes with Katie at the beginning of the pandemic, and her classes have transformed my time in isolation into a valuable period of reflection and self-examination. Alexander Technique has breathed new life into my work as a musician through its method of self-observation and habit change, and Katie’s positive, light-hearted approach to teaching has helped me embrace challenging concepts with a smile.” – Emily Adams 

“I have really enjoyed your virtual Alexander Technique classes – they are just what I needed to help me re-focus during this crazy time!  So many of the topics we discussed have come up as I’ve worked with students, and it has been so helpful for me to think back to our sessions and feel like I can better assist my students in connecting to their music (and themselves) on a deeper level, and reaching their goals! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Bharati Soman

“Katie is a clear and responsive teacher. Her work in the Alexander Technique provides a deep sense of support and grounding. Her kindness, clarity and commitment to her students is truly a gift to anyone who would take lessons with her. Please don’t pass up this life changing opportunity to spend time with Katie!” -Jamee Culbertson (Alexander Technique Teacher, Member of ATI and Tai Chi Master)

“Katie is a brave teacher.  She showed me how to reach my depths by finding hers, throwing herself wholeheartedly into her work.”- Robert Lada, Alexander Teacher, Member of Alexander Technique International

“Katie and I quickly made a personal connection which allowed me to trust her. While she can be very composed and matter of fact, she also lets her natural enthusiasm shine through.”- Anonymous

“Her physical intuition and touch was spot on and made a huge difference for me.”- Anonymous

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