Student Testimonials

”Katie is a great teacher with a bright and optimistic personality. she pushes and elevates your singing and music capacity with care and respect for the person she’s teaching. She is an overall joy to be around and I would suggest her for anyone who’s starting out with the pursuit of music.”

Mo Lee

”I am so thankful to have found a place where I can see my growth for something that I am passionate about. I have learned not only about singing, but about who I am, with Katie’s help. I have overcome fears and obstacles, and I’m so excited to see what I will do in the future.”

Maddi Carini

“I have been a student of Katie’s for a year and a half. She can be tough, but it is only because she can see your voice’s potential even before you do. I have mastered songs and hit notes I would have never dreamed of hitting in the past.”

Aliyah Harris

“I have been working with Katie for almost 2 years, her teachings of the Alexander Technique and healthy singing methods have helped me to become more confident in my singing abilities and have improved my vocal health. I’ve done things with my voice I never even thought I could have done before working with Katie!”

Brendan Remillard

My experience with Katie has been exciting and wonderful for the past 2 years. It’s so much fun to learn new pieces and sing them well. I love and enjoy learning with Katie, she is amazing at what she does!

Audrey Okey-Igwe

I have been studying with Katie for the past few years in drama club at school and in private lessons. We were able to add a more contemporary approach to our lessons. I find her easy to work with because she takes time to understand what I’m looking for in my lessons, and over time I have seen positive changes in my singing.

Julia Riley

“She will listen carefully, not only to how her student sings but also to what her student says. She is flexible and develops and uses different strategies to help her student until he/she reaches a new level of proficiency. She has patience and a winning sense of humor.”

Kathy Bailey

“Working with Katie is both a comfortable and educational experience. She is an amazing voice teacher, who cares deeply about her students’ progress. Personally, I can hear and feel the difference her lessons have provided.”

Amber Angove

“I want you to know how happy my heart is when Evie gets off the call with [Katie] and is filled with joy. [Katie has] done amazing things for her confidence. We are beyond grateful. There aren’t enough words to describe how meaningful the work [they] do together is!”

Brenda Miele

“I have observed, as well as my family, have heard my voice grow to a much higher level, specifically through diction of foreign languages and utilizing the power of my voice in an efficient manner. It is especially unique for me to study with Katie as she encountered similar experiences throughout her voice study at my age and she can share her knowledge of this to encourage and motivate me for my future.”

Brooke Halaby

“I have been taking private voice lessons with Katie for about 4 years now and I could not ask for a more positive and supportive experience. Katie has not only taught me valuable singing techniques but has delivered direction in a way that is fun and exciting. She never fails to give me her support and incredible patience. Her encouraging personality makes me motivated to do the best that I can in and outside of our private lessons.”

Carly Mentis