Press Quotes

“Bolts of lightning flew from Hall Auditorium Thursday evening for the opening of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.” Katherine Beckvold did not have a lightning rod. She did it with her voice (“O zittre nicht” and “Der Hölle Rache”) with dead on accuracy.”

“Die Zauberflöte” -Mary Jane Doerr (John M. Hall Auditorium)

“Jacob Heacock was strong vocally as Papageno and humorous – perfectly matched with Katherine Beckvold in “Pa, pa, pa, pa”. Beckvold added as much to this role as she did to Queen of the Night.”

“Die Zauberflöte” -Mary Jane Doerr (Bay Harbor at the Great Lakes Center for the Performing Arts)\

“Phyllis, with her lovely soprano, is played by Katherine Beckvold with a combination of spunk and charm.“

“Iolanthe” – Deborah G. Scanlon (The [Falmouth] Enterprise)

“Beckvold, a gifted soprano, also has a finely tuned talent for the tongue in cheek that serves her especially well as she displays her indifference to marrying either Lord Mountararat (Mark Hosseini) or Lord Tolloller (Jacob Verhine).“

”Iolanthe” -Cindy Neckerson (Cape Cod Times)

“Lyrically and tenderly yet also confidently, Beckvold delivered several dark texts while the vibraphone gently backed up her line. The effective text painting made it easy for Beckvold to shape her melodies and get personal with the text.”

“Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble” -Ian Wiese (BMIntelligencer, )

“As Fredrick and Mabel, Estano and Beckvold are a riveting pair, displaying believable onstage chemistry.” “As Fredrick’s love interest, Mabel, Beckvold was the highlight of the show, convincingly portraying a strong-willed woman who falls head-over-heels for a man her sisters are quick to discard. Beckvold, currently a vocal performance major at the Boston Conservatory, boasts immense vocal skills typical of a much more seasoned stage veteran. Some of the high pitches and registers she struck throughout the opera were simply mind-boggling. Catch the talented actress/singer now at the local theater before her stock soars and she gains worldwide acclaim in the opera world. She’s a starlet whose luminous performance I’ll be talking about for quite some time.”

“Pirates of Penzance” -Paul Kaufman (Wicked Local)

“It is Beckold who commands the stage with her high soprano vocals as she sweetly offers her heart and sings “Poor wand’ring one,” a favorite among Gilbert and Sullivan fans. She also has a flare for blending her high operatic notes with a comedic edge that does not hinder the sentiment behind them.”

“Pirates of Penzance”- Patricia McAlpine (The Sun Cronicle)

“Lily the ghostly wife who died before her time, is played splendidly by Katie Beckvold. She has a fabulous soprano voice which sends chills up your spine. Her voice soars in “A Girl in the Valley” with Archibald, The Quartet with Archie, Neville and Rose as well as the electrifying, “Come to My Garden” with Colin singing in counterpoint with her. This song is reminiscent of “Gone With the Wind”. The harmonies standout in these numbers. Katie’s character brings life to the dreary and mysterious house as this kindhearted spirit.“

“The Secret Garden” -Tony Annicone (The Theatre Mirror)

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